Island Tech Services (ITS) – Integrating Technology, Mobility & Vehicle Solutions

Island Tech Services (ITS) delivers advanced technology, mobility and vehicle solutions to business professionals, first responders and public-sector employees.

For nearly 20 years, Island Tech Services (ITS) has helped customers incorporate technology in their work to increase performance, efficiency and security. We are a unique solution provider able to offer a comprehensive and integrated set of technologies and services spanning from headquarters, to field techs, to command vehicles so you and your employees can enjoy a secure and seamless experience wherever you are working. We deliver peace of mind so you can deliver peace and safety.

Island tech Services - Solutions

  • Technology Solutions - ITS specializes in managed IT services, computer network services and IT support services, including setup, installation, and configuration of servers, computers, and data networks. We offer a complete range of IT network services and computer implementation services to manage any custom or common business applications you are currently running.
  • Mobility Solutions - ITS mobility solutions brings the power of your office to your mobile environment. Increase productivity and maintain connectivity in the field using mobile data applications and technology. From rugged laptops and tablets to handheld devices, we provide durable mobility solutions for every industry including general businesses, first-responders, public sector, utilities and transportation.
  • Vehicle Solutions - ITS vehicle solutions brings years of design, implementation, maintenance and customer service experience to your emergency vehicle upfitting requirements. We work with premier partners that serve both the Public Safety and Fleet Automotive industries so we are able to deliver complete vehicle solutions for your first-responder or transportation requirements.

Island Tech Services - Industries Served

  • Business Professionals - Island Tech Services (ITS) provides a wide range of general business computing services to professional services firms, including small businesses, hospitality, law offices, healthcare providers, accounting firms and many others.
  • First Responders - Island Tech Services (ITS) provides a wide range of technology services for first responders, including law enforcement professionals, public safety officers, fire fighters, emergency responders and EMS technicians.
  • Public Sector - Island Tech Services (ITS) provides a wide range of technology services for the public sector, including government agencies, field service technicians, road supervisors and personnel.
  • Utilities - Island Tech Services (ITS) provides a wide range of technology services for utilities firms including gas, electricity and telecommunications.
  • Transportation - Island Tech Services (ITS) provides a wide range of technology services for transportation and logistics companies, including trucking and freight, moving and storage, fleets and more.